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August 13, 2008


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Alice Paul

Hillary supporters are not being ridiculous in wanting votes to be counted and reflected and counted fairly. There was RAMPANT voter and caucus FRAUD. If you don't think that's as bad as anything you've seen happen since Nixon then I question your motivations for wanting to go along with it.

This is an excellent analysis and needed to be done. If Senator Obama uses further voter fraud to steal the G.E. this will still be exposed. Evidence is already pouring in that there are thousands of bogus voter registrations in the G.E. ACORN is involved and so is the Obama campaign.

Why don't we just crown kings. People who worked, donated and spent nearly two years of their money and time for their candidate can just save them selves the trouble of voting at all if this is allowed to go on.

I've never seen so much fraud in any election. Voter rights and the right to a voice in our government are sacred. It's all we have to keep us from being a banana republic. You want to go along with it and excuse it that's up to you. I'd like to think in future elections I might actually get to have a say so and a vote that counts....ONCE, not twice, no more dead people voting, no more organized and planned caucus cheating and no more party leaders gaming the system to circumvent the will of the American voters.

Obama did not "win" he stole it. For that he will go down in history as a disgrace to this process. That's his own fault and the party leaders will be disgraced too.

Anyone who would do this is not going to take anyones best interests to Washington except his own.


I can NOT believe what I'm hearing on this site from "so called" Democratic Women that are actually thinking about voting for a Republican, which stands against everything that a real Democrat believes in and stands for. I would like to know how many of you are happy with the way our country has been destroyed by a Corrupt, Criminal, Reckless, War Mongering, War Profiteering, Constitutional Shredding, and Corporate Owned Republican Party who had Full Control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Executive Branch for 6 LONG YEARS. The Democrats have only had a very Narrow Majority in the House and the Senate for 2 years not even enough to pass any laws they want because the Republicans block everything they try to do for the people and they don't have even enough of a majority to override a veto by the Republican President George W. Bush.

I can not believe after everything the American People have suffered through and how badly Our Great Country and Constitution has been damaged that any of you would even consider voting for Republican. Especially someone like John McCain who followed and voted in Lock Step with George W. Bush his entire term in office; after the way he was treated when he ran against George W. Bush for President in 2000. I can't believe that you would be willing to vote for someone who wants to appoint judges that would overturn Roe V. Wade, someone who wants to stay in Iraq and continue the bloodbath of our soldiers even if it means staying there for a hundred years, start another war with Iran and even speaks of starting another cold war with Russia, someone who wants to make the Corporate, Big Oil Companies and the Wealthiest of Americans Tax Breaks PERMANENT, someone who has no clue how to help the American People out of this economic crisis were in, someone who has no real healthcare plan to cover all Americans, someone who has spoke of reinstating the Draft if he needed to.

I think that everyone here needs to rethink about the consequences before they make the biggest mistake they could make by voting for not just another Bush term but someone who would be much worse. Before you make your decision you need to compare the plans each one of the Presidential Candidates have for the Economy, the Iraq War, Healthcare, Education, Global Warming, National Security, Taking care of our Veterans, Immigration, Women’s Issues, Foreign Relations and Paying down the National Debt. Then decide who has the best plan for the most important issues that matter to you the most.

I understand why a lot of you are upset about the way the Democratic Party handled the Delegate count for Michigan and Florida. I was also upset the way it was handled, and I also thought Hillary was mistreated by the Corporate Owned Media (Republican Owned Companies). I thought that Hillary would get the nomination for the Democrats and I and my husband were all for Hillary and Bill being back in the Whitehouse. I too was excited about the first woman busting through the glass ceiling and becoming President of the United States of America, however she didn’t get the nomination but I am Not willing to cast my vote to the other side to the Republican Party who are the very same ones who has all but destroyed Our Great Country. I will proudly cast my vote for a Democrat who has the same believes that I do and that candidate is Barack Obama. I will support him as I would have any Democratic candidate that won the nomination, after 7 ½ Long years of our country and the American People going through Hell.

I will never forfeit my vote to the Republicans after what they have done to this Great Nation that my father who fought in World War II to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms and rights of all Americans . I am a middleaged, white, middleclass mother of 2 sons who lives in the suburbs and I and my husband will be voting for Barack Obama in November. I can Not take a chance on John McCain getting elected and possibly reinstating the Draft and taking my 2 sons to fight in another ILEGAL and UNJUST WAR like with Iran, which He and ALL Republicans are ALL beating the WAR DRUMS AGAINST. I can Not take a chance on my husband losing his job and having it contracted out like a so many others, and I can’t take a chance on my family losing everything we have worked so hard to get over the years like our home and I can Not take a chance on anymore of our Rights and Civil Liberties being stripped away from us and the American People. So many People have suffered under this Long Bush Administrations Fascists REIGN, we can Not Afford anymore Republican Control, unless your willing to give up your freedoms as you know them.

For John McCain has all the SAME Corporate Lobbyists, and Neoconservatives working for him as George W. Bush has had. Just research for yourselves you don’t have to believe me. Look up Phil Gram who is responsible for this whole Sub Prime Mortgage Mess were in now, and look up the rest of his Corporate Lobbyists like Mr. Charlie Black and others. I know you’re all upset about how Hillary was treated but please before you throw your votes away out of anger which Barack Obama had nothing to do with please research before doing something so foolish that the entire Country could suffer the consequences for anger that Barack had nothing to do with. Unless you’re willing to sacrifice your sons and daughters those of you have ones old enough to fight in War and willing to endure more of the same hardship in this country if you get John McCain elected. For those of you who so willing to throw your votes away on a Republican, I say you’re probably already a Republican who voted for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman or your going to vote out of anger against the Democratic Party because you feel betrayed. But just think of the consequences for everyone in the whole country just out of spite against the Democrats. Just remember who over the years have stood up for the women and their rights (Not the Republicans). All I ask is all the TRUE DEMOCRATIC WOMEN do your RESEARCH on the ISSUES and DON’T LISTEN to the TALKING HEADS of the Republican Party. They will lie to you just to get your vote. Just ask yourselves these questions: Are you happy with the way this country is heading? Do you want the Iraq War to go on for a Hundred Years? Do you want another War started with Iran? Are you willing to sacrifice your children to fight in War? Do you want Healthcare for All or PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR YOUR HEALTHCARE? You can continue listening to the Rhetoric coming out of the mouths of the talking heads for John McCain who never gives you any details on any plans he has on anything. You can even check out his site and try clicking on each issue and see for yourselves, there are no logical solutions for the most important issues facing all Americans today. You can go to Barack Obama’s website and see in detail what plans he has for all the issues. Please don’t make All Americans suffer for your anger against The Democratic Party.


Thank you, Dr Lynette, for your consistent and accurate research that you share with us.
If Hillary doesn't prevail at this Dem convention, we need a new party!

Grateful for your work and sharing.


This information should be submitted to the MSM (main stream media)


This is a great article. I have heard about the intimidation and threats that happened at the caucuses, and I'm so grateful to you and your work to highlight what truly happened there, as well as this informative and extremely relevant article.
It seems that Nancy Pelosi and gang have BOUGHT the nomination for Obama.
I hope they have buyers' remorse and will make these terrible wrongs rights in Denver by voting for Senator Hillary Clinton. My entire family voted for her and are now so upset with what is happening in our country and to our (once) Democracy. Hillary can save us. And it's work like this that can also save us, and improve our political processes. Thank you, we are very grateful.


It is absolutely absurd that Hillary Clinton supporters are spending this much energy on the results of the primary which has been over for two months. Also, it is incredible that her supporters are continuing to blame Obama, Dean, Pelosi and anyone else for her loss. Her campaign started with the most superdelegates in her corner (now it is the superdelegates fault). Her campaign started with the most donor dollars (now Obama has to help pay off her debt). Her campaign started with the most media attention because of her name recognition (now it is the media's fault because there was sexism, but no one from her campaign or supporter stands up and talks about the racism). Her campaign started off talking about there 27 state strategy to win and wasn't concerned about the other states and territories (now every state, especially those she won, is important). Her campaign started the conversation about the rules of the DNC and superdelegates can vote however (and now they are trying to prove that his superdelegates were paid off, what about those that supported her when Obama had won their congressional district). But, when all is said in done, what I know for sure is that if you took away every superdelegate and only counted pledged delegates, than Obama would still have the most delegates. He also won the most states. And, yes she has cracked the ceiling with her 18 million votes, but the ceiling has also been cracked with his 17.9 million votes. Which ever candidate won, the ceiling was cracked and instead of us spending time and effort on being divided, we should celebrate the distance America has come. God, continues to bless each of us with so much to give back to America and his word says that "Too whom much is given, much is required." So, let us give of our time and energy to continue to make America a better place for all of its citizens. Continually in prayer for Hillary and her supporters. Benita

Wilson E. Allen

Your "information" about our new progressive Democratic Congressman from Indianapolis André Carson is so false! IN-07 is about 30% Black - it went 2 to 1 for Obama. Carson endorsed Oabama gladly and his voters backed him up resoundingly. The money from Pelosi was nice but hardly determinative -- it most certainly didnt force Carson to go against his constituents or inclinations.


If the super delegates just vote the way their constituents vote then what's the point of having them? There's nothing super about that system. The whole point was for them to have an independent voice in the selection process; you can argue one way or the other about the appropriateness of having a second layer of electors in the primary system, but they were never intended to be required to vote the way their district does. The fact is they're free to vote for whoever they choose to vote for; and the fact they they choose to vote for the candidate you didn't back doesn't invalidate that. Your energy would be better served changing the system the DNC uses to elect our nominee.


Excellent article, Dr. Long. I have long admired your work, primarily because of your dedication to fact and truth, neither of which are easy to find in present day American media or politics.

It is only by clearly stating fact that people can take appropriate action.

I would venture that 90% of the American people are completely unaware of your work in this regard and it is to that end that I focus my energies in spreading fact instead of rumor.

Loyal Eagle (AKA The Bird)

This certainly deserves public attention. Great article. You need, or must, send this to FOX. If the facts you reported are accurate, which I believe they are, they will expose it for sure.

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