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August 27, 2008


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Gloria, you can go to hell with Obama. I will vote for Nader- someone who seems to give a damn. If I voted for Obama or McCain, I would have to come home and throw up.


Actually, Michelle, it IS just fine with me if your rights are taken away--particularly if you are an Obama supporter, as it appears you are. Little girl, it is very clear that your intent is to disrespect Hillary by referring to her as "H. Clinton." I wish you would get the hell off this blog and shut the hell up. You have no idea the struggles women have been through just so you COULD have your friggin' rights.

And you'd be one to know about High School, since you're probably not long out of Senior class. You should also know about voting for whomever gives out the best cupcakes since that's basically what you did with your vote.

I am embarrassed that you are a woman and I have to share the same gender with you.


I am not sure why Lynette posted this article because it seems to prove that the PUMA and NOBAMA crowd will vote for McCain because they are bitter sore losers. They do not care if Roe V Wade is overturned because "I'm not pregnant,”

So it’s ok for young women's rights to be taken away because you are angry.
That is the way to run a country, out of spite.

I saw a PUMA rep on Larry King last night who said that she would not vote for Obama despite the fact that H. Clinton and Obama have the same views on the vast majority of policy issues, and that H. Clinton has asked her to do so. She said that Obama had not courted her and that the Obama people ignore her because she wears a Hillary button. Good grief!! What is this High School where you vote for who ever gives out the best cupcakes!!

I am embarrassed to be a woman.

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