September 22, 2008


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mary sakel

Thank you, Dr. Long, for posting on the NO QUARTER site.

It is truly amazing that a camouflaged misogynist like Obama has, in fact, escaped closer scrutiny by "feminists" of all colors and/or ideologies. I watched with horror as the media misogynist frat-boys and the Obama campaign pushed to a fraudulent 'finish line' a supremely unqualified, arrogant anorexic resume!

I will not ever forget Obama's crypto-misogynist "Periodically, HIllary feels down and starts launching attacks to boost her appeal" "The claws are comin' out" "...she's likeable enough!" And, to top it off, his youtube mega-hit:

"Obama Gives Hillary the Finger" -- where he went on stage in N.C. the day after his pathetically inept Pa.ABC Debate and whined and smirked that "Hillary was throwin' the kitchen sink and buffet at me last night". And then he "flip-offed" and dusted off and scraped off his shoes as if she were excrement...his fellow female senator!! What an amazingly brazen, disrespectful, sexist attempt to diminish his female superior opponent. And the anorexic resume got away while his audience wildly applauded his smug show of juvenile revenge!

Come November, the arrogant misogynist candidate will be given,hopefully, his proper medicine dosage to ensure he is permanently cured of his Obamyopia.

Obama will then be sure to see the Light from that fully opened cracked ceiling that he's tried so hard to plaster over with his arrogantly camouflaged misogyny!

Alice Paul

I disagree with President Clinton on one point only. I AM affected by the economy as much and as direly as anyone else. However, I am not voting McCain/Palin because a woman is on the ticket. I ardently supported Hillary Clinton because I had followed HER career since about 1984 when she put so many wonderful initiatives in place in Little Rock. I was there. I knew she could win people over by doing exactly what she promised to do or die trying. Way back then I felt that if she ever ran for president it wouldn't be soon enough for me.

The reasons for me are that this party has clearly sent a strong signal that women will never, ever matter to them except when they need us to fetch water and haul wood. When we have a competent woman on the top of the ticket, who wins more votes than any candidate in history they feel it's perfectly fine to ignore voter fraud, to strong arm her delegates, to completely disaffect the millions who worked for her campaign and those who voted for her. You know the MAJORITY.

In doing all this they have proven they felt it was alright to abuse the American voter and to steal this most capable candidate from the people and from all women who have worked and sweated blood, money, elbow grease and tears for this party for many, many years through every single cause for everyone else except themselves. When it is legitimately our turn to be represented and have a voice they thought nothing of denying it by cheating and then blaming US for their lies when we won't go along yet one more time.

I cannot allow this to go by. There is no other issue more important to me than making sure the vote is reflected fairly and that was never more important than it was this year. Instead of having ANY values they went with their own selfish agenda.

I'm left with a non choice really. If I don't vote against the corrupt leaders who let this happen then they will continue to ignore my very being. This election process was abusive to all women whether they know it or not. To let misogyny go unanswered, to let it be used as an excuse to bash a woman like Senator Clinton did nothing more than give a free ticket to every single misogynist in the media, online and off. Abusers too. I work in a women's shelter. Those are the women affected here. Sitting in shelters, hearing media pundits talk about Senator Clinton who they felt might finally give them a real voice in politics, being discussed the same way their abusers discuss them. They were devastated for months. And where was the party of the "democrats" who pay such lip service to caring about every single one?? They were delighting that it was destroying her run and keeping their mouths shut.

No one in their right mind would ask anyone of color to vote for someone who cheated say MLK out of such an office and who used racism to do it...you are asking me, if you say I should vote Obama to go along with such hatred against my gender and yes, Senator Obama IS to blame. His campaign used this tactic along with cheating to "win" and then he could not even let her delegates speak? The scripted convention was the biggest shame on democracy I've ever seen in my country since they used to ask African American people to take a "test" before they would let them vote in the south, knowing many were poor and could not read. But back then it was the republicans vote stealing and being bigots.

Now the democrats have gone with misogyny and vote stealing. Where are ALL my liberal sisters against this? When you do things like this...it's most understandable. You will never get my vote. Not this year or any other. Either you will get a new party, or you will get a back lash and those with a fire to take their own party back. This I will put my heart and soul too. If I never do see a woman for president I believe in again, I will at least work to my last day on earth to make sure there is one party that at least will count every single vote fairly so that when the next woman does run..she is not treated like so much a road block to someone else's vision.

Feminists have a vision. We want to see domestic violence addressed seriously. We want the world to know that seventy percent of visits by women to emergency rooms are due to domestic violence. That women and girls are bought and sold into sexual slavery. That murder in their own homes is the leading cause of death of pregnant women. I am sick and tired of seeing men the head of everything and every single left movement marches for every other cause on the damned planet except ours. Sharia law? Where is your outrage left? Where is your outrage at the way it was all okay to steal this election from Hillary Clinton when she rightfully earned it with the votes?

This is all going down in history and Obama and his campaign, and the D.N.C. are going to look worse than Richard Nixon. I want no part of this. It's not part of me. My voice, my vote and my concerns were treated as nothing at all.

Don't pander to me for a vote and for god's sakes don't insult me by asking why I won't for Obama if you have been one of his supporters for months. You ought to know why. ACORN and the Obama minions stole my vote, and my voice.


I have not watched the View since watching the treatment of the McCain's compared to the way the Obama's were treated so I was happy to see this clip of Pres. Clinton's interview. I wanted to see if I could discern how he felt after the way his wife was treated by her party, and particularly by Obama, during her campaign. She was soooooo disrespected and as a woman I find that totally not acceptable. I would never vote for a man that had so much disrespect for a woman. My vote would have gone to Hillary. Not just because she is a woman but because I agree with her on most of the issue's. Now my vote will go with McCain/Palin. I do agree with them on some of the issue's and I know that McCain will treat ALL people equal. That is very important to me because this country needs to finally come together as a nation once and for all. Every legal citizen of this country needs to be treated as equals in every aspect of our lives. We are all brothers and sisters in this fight together and the division needs to stop. I truly believe McCain will work toward this end and Obama will only keep it going long and strong. I think the Clinton's know this (how could they not) and will vote for McCain.


Dr. Long! I heard President Clinton give you a shout out on The View ( which I don't watch anymore, but saw the clips on The Confluence blog site). I have noticed that he and Hillary give us subtle support whenever they can. I was thrilled with Hillary's convention speech, where she wore a PUMA orange pantsuit and mentioned the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits". I especially liked the way she ended her speech, with Harriet Tubman's words, I thought she was talking directly to us, the unObamas;

"If you here the dogs, keep going.
If you see the torches in the woods, keep going.
If they're shouting after you, keep going.
Don't ever stop. Keep going.

If you want a taste of freedom, keep going."

Thank you Hillary and thank you Dr. Long! I'm going to keep going until women have parity in political power. Then maybe there will be some Real Changes made.

So, even though I don't agree with Sarah Palin 100%, she's a smart, principled and inspiring woman and I can work with that. I want my grandchildren to see women in positions of power and think that's just the way it is.

Keep up the good work! YOU are inspiring! Thank you.

Hedy Audette

I had watched the view because President Clinton was on and I heard him mention your article and I am happy that No Quarter had posted the whole article. I agree 100% with you on the democratic party. I have no respect for what they did to Sen. Clinton and I will not vote for someone and I mean no disrespect just because they are AA. I think that Sarah Palin is very genuine and I cannot believe how the MSM and people have so disrespected her and her family just because she is a woman. We need more people like you to speak out and thank you for believing that women can lead the world just as good as a man.


As a fiery Hillary backer myself - and emailer to you before you got the blog! - I remain wickedly disappointed in the Dem nominating process (cute the way MI and FL votes counted 100% only after Hillary lost.)

I cannot - will not - bring myself to vote for any Repulican ticket, even if it were Jesus & Mary, knowing how our country has been gutted on so many levels from Abu Ghraib to this week's $700B - and counting - Wall Street bailout. I'll hold my nose to vote Obama/Biden ... and regret the loss of you Lynette to McCain/Palin. Still, I salute your fire ...


Was Bill talking about you, when he said he read an article? :O)

It was a great interview. And, I am sorry, but I don't feel a big love fest for Obama - no matter what the Dems are trying to tell us. I don't buy that the Clintons are 100% behind Obama.

I love your blog.

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