October 10, 2008


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Marcia A. Pappas, Pres. of NOW NYS

I do have to defend myself as a leader in NOW. I vehemently about the disgraceful way the party treated Hillary. Those who know me, know my efforts. And I was almost crucified for it. And for those who do not know what NOW has done for women, plese read The Feminist Chronicles. It details the work that NOW has done. I can assure you, there are many of us out here on the side of justice.


For the women who stand with brave and courageous,Shelly Mandell, LA N.O.W. chapter President,here is her contact email. See Lynette's posting on her endorsement of Palin. Go Shelly Go!


Alice Paul

Yes, I CAN imagine being a woman and not being "able" to vote because this year my vote was canceled out and stolen by the Obama campaign and the D.N.C. That's why I've used the name "Alice Paul" to blog with since Denver.

HOW is what happened to us this election cycle ANY different than not being able to cast a vote when the D.N.C. can encourage the Obama campaign to cheat in every caucus state and Pelosi sits up there and calls PUMA "less than gracious" for saying a word about it.

The Democrats have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they could care less about women, their historical races for the presidency or any other issue they need on the front burner.

They have done nothing but, back stab loyal women supporters and derided us at every turn for speaking out about it. Then they had the nerve to buy off N.O.W. for an endorsement.

I've half a mind to go to this "training" and I've got a few things to say to N.O.W. You do not endorse a misogynist for dollars and still claim to call yourselves "for" women's issues. I'm utterly disgusted and realize now this is more about embedding yourselves in a party than it is about women's "rights" If it were about our rights you would realize that our votes have been blasted back to the stone age by cheating and stand up with us.

You could have done something to embolden women to address this issue N.O.W. and instead you stood with the very one that silenced us and used blatant misogyny to do it. Yet you slam Palin while behaving like stepford wives to the D.N.C.????

Rise up and do something REAL. I don't think I can go into "training" with Obama supporters who now do nothing but, ignore misogyny, don't care if millions of womens' votes were stolen and who align themselves with a campaign which has been filled with thuggery mostly against women.

Who are you N.O.W.????? Soro's owned, bought and paid for, sold to the highest bidder, that's who. For women? Hardly. I'm surprised you haven't appointed Axelrod to run this "training" It upsets me that you will be in Seneca Falls. Where were you when we had the breakfast and day to honor Hillary this summer???

No where. Just like this organization it seems, there is no there, THERE.


NOW thinks it has something to teach us about leadership??
What a joke.
What have they ever accomplished for women?
I mean, what kind of "women's organization" snubs a woman who is busting her ass to shatter a glass ceiling that has kept women out of the executive branch for the entire history of this country?
What NOW did to Palin is insane & inexcusable. And as if that weren't bad enough - they endorsed the candidate who brutalized HRC in the primaries with lies, fraud and misogyny. Does NOW have ANY principles at all?!
NOW is a disgrace.

Virginia Harris, Philadelphia PA USA

Can you even imagine being a woman and not being able to vote?

Thanks to the suffragettes, America has women voters and women candidates, and we are a better country for it!

Women have voices and choices! Just like men.

But few people know ALL of the suffering that our suffragettes had to go through to get the vote for women, and what life was REALLY like for women before they did.

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