October 02, 2008


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Good post; thank you.




It's not about Women vs Men, it is about the powerful vs the powerless, it is not only Women who are invisible it's Americans who are invisible!
The vast majority of Americans were against this Corporate Socialist bill, despite the media belittling the public by saying snide comments like "they don't understand" Americans understand to well that's the Wall Street elites problem.
This is Marxism for billionaires.
No surprise Obama voted for fleecing the American People of their money also no surprise McCain voted for fleecing the American people of their money WOW! I thought we had a choice this election.
Both of these fools can destroy this country but that doesn't mean I have to endorse their destruction by voting for these clowns.
I was leaning McCain, now I am voting third party or should I say 2nd party because of this one party system represented by the republicrats.


Well, geez. Nancy Pelosi has sure covered our gender in glory, hasn't she? But then again, in a "post-sexist" society, women have as much right to be conscienceless, craven, unprincipled, clueless idiots as men, right?

token black man

Male dominated does not equal sexism. if you keep throwing around that word it is going to lose all its meaning.


Help John McCain elevate women to the halls of power. As he took Hillary under his wing and introduced her to all the power players, he will do the same for Sarah Palin.

He already has shown more respect for women than either of the men on the Other ticket.

In John McCain's office more women are his top advisers than men. In his senate office women earn on average $1.04 to $1.00 of men.

Ladies let us look to the man who appreciates the minds and talents of women. (I mean come on even his ex-wife is an ardent supporter how many women even like their ex?)

Sarah Palin has been done a dis-service by the MSM. Please look past those interviews and see the woman who made a difference for regular people in Alaska. She has made no effort to interfere with Roe v. Wade or to block State employees who are Gay from having benefits for their partners. She doesn't worry about arugula at Whole Foods she worries about the cost of milk and bread at the local grocerie. With out a prompt she knows what gas costs and what milk costs she also knows that some families in her state can afford milk and gas because they kill their own food.

She knows what it is like to struggle to get through college. SHe knows what it is like to be without health insurance and what it takes to start a business. She is you and me and she will insure that our voice is heard in the halls of power. She will tell John McCain where policy will harm the Joe Six-Packs of the nation. He will listen to her.

And for the 1st time since the foundations of our nation the admonitions of a woman will be taken seriously by the leaders of this Great Nation and recorded for posterity.

My dear ladies, Sarah Palin will awaken a better world for our daughters. Have faith in her and help her.


Well, it doesn't surprise me at all...but, in this case, let the old farts have it hung around their necks!!!! I'm glad Hillary is out of the firing line on this...

In the meantime, FYI...

By request….Part 2 of Grail Guardian’s primer on Barack Obama’s associates is UP….greatly expanded list for reference now!!!

Part 2–The Lineup: A Who’s Who of The Associates of Barack Obama


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