October 06, 2008


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Allan douglas

Thanks Amy, I think that audio with Kurtz is great. I've sent a copy of your comment to many voters. Ayers is toxic and the "one" is futile! $110M down the drain.


So it's not O.K. to vote with your race because you have been handed a bad deal for years on end but its O.K. to vote with your sex because you have been given a bad deal for years on end. Would you want your children to aspire for grades of C's and maybe marry a rich spouse who sells beer or maybe a Sports Journalist? But for a president it is O.K. to be a below average thinker like Bush and think Iraq was a great idea. Or a Vice President who seeks degrees from Hawaii Pacific College, North Idaho College, University of Idaho, Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska, all for a degree in communications-journalism.

You vote for the candidates that will do the most good for the most people. Not one that is Black or white, male or female.

The republicans have already done enough damage! Because a Republican told you he would do what you asked you give him your vote! As a Dr. if someone comes to you with a history of acting / reacting in a specific way what are the chances that at age 72 he will change? What overt signs, habits, traits have you seen change in McCain the man/politician. Will one or two sessions will turn him into a “Good Republican” or is it more likely to take 1 session a week till 2050? What’s the term? Cut off your nose to spite your face?

Amy Roberts

Lynette: I think what you need to do is somehow convince people that they need to talk about the Annenberg project. And instead of focusing on Ayres (that could be a by-product), focus on Obama's executive experience. He ran this program into the ground and blew $110 million in the process. To me, past is prologue in how he will manage a budget.
Please listen to the podcast I attached. It is the best information I have got on Barach Obama. i could listen to CNN for a year and never obtain this much info that I did in this one podcast. It also reveals the way the Obama Campaign has tried to stifle free speech.
I have sent this info to about 300 people so far. But it needs to go to more --- the media needs to talk about this and the only way they will is if we the people DEMAND that they talk about it. The media needs to cover B.O.'s only executive experience and all of the failures associated with it.


Once you get to the site, click on: Listen Now MP3 -- it is long, but trust me... you will learn more about this subject then you would watching CNN for a year.

We need to act and we need to act now. Time is slipping away.

Best Regards, Amy


You speak for me, Dr. Long! Thanks and give 'em hell!

Allan Douglas

So Lynette has the "pitbull" made an appearance on the bus or is John keeping her tethered? We need some action out there ASAP!

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