November 07, 2008


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Thank you for acknowledging the need some of us have to do this.

Yes. I am taking time to mourn, grieve and heal. I won't cry for years, but I will cry privately and with a few intimate others until I have been cleansed of the filth and abuse that women have had to endure during this political season.

We have been verbally and visually (and some physically) abused, beaten, bloodied,raped and killed. I feel shaken to my core and more vulnerable than I have in a long time, maybe ever.
It is important for me to sit with this for awhile so I can calm and center myself. Then, when I am ready, I will stand tall and strong and fight the good fight again.

Until then, I mourn and heal.

from Minnesota

Your words touch my soul, and the tears flowed . . . because this is exactly how I feel. Thank you.


Joan, thank for that. And thank you for being there on the front lines everywhere from before, during and after Denver. I remember you with fondness, writing, probing, working with us to get the truth out in Denver. I remember the beauty of solidarity in the face of election fraud and thuggish intimidation. I will never forget it. We have remembered in November and will continue to remember, as we regroup and reorganize for Phase III of our movement to restore accountability to the media, dignity to our country and honesty to our political process. You and I, and millions of others, know that this election was not won, it was stolen with media collusion and voter fraud. While it is heartrending knowledge, it is also empowering, because we know the truth and we are watching and waiting for our next move.

Karen H.

Thank you, Joan, for your beautifully expressed thoughts. I am exactly where you are. I am too disheartened, too exhausted for action -- YET. I love the idea of the sanctuary of a mourning time. It honors the depth of the loss. We deserve that, at the least.

And then, I will join together with other sisters in ACTION. In the 80's, I wore a t-shirt that said, "We haven't come a long way, and don't call me 'baby'" and that's my motto again.

Time for a Revolution

Dream on. Then grab your guns and your bibles and your torahs and your korans, and take to the streets and fight. Pull your money out of the stock market, and stop paying taxes. Mourn if you will, but we've been crying for years and playing by the rules all along. It doesn't work.


Thank you for understanding.

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