November 18, 2008


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How disappointing.
But I guess HRC carried the ball as far as she could.


The thought of Senator Clinton calling Barry "Mr. President" makes me want to gag. But, she's made a choice for herself, so I guess: Congratulations. I regret she left her Senate seat where she would have maintained far greater independence and where she would not be vulnerable to the whims of an Obama administration that could decide to fire her if they so chose. But, hey, what do I know. Clinton's a major player and power broker, if not also a flawed human being as are we all. She's made choices this year I so wish she had not made, but they were hers to make, irrespective of the context in which she made them.


Dr. Long
Why am I not happy that Hillary will be SOS? Because she deserves to be president. I will never get over the caucus fraud and misogyny during the primary. Does Obama think that he can "kiss and make up" by making her SOS? And is she willing to accept such a concession? I called my two Senators today (one Dem and one Repub) The Dem said that Obama is a natural born citizen and his bc has been released!!! The Repub said that "Congress does not have any question about Obama's qualifications!" I got the impression that they think those of us who didn't vote for Obama are either crazy or racists! I can't believe our country is so blind and so unwillingly to follow the COnstitution. The Repub senator's office even said to me that "there was no fraud during the primary"!!! I think I need to hibernate for the next four years. I have never been so depressed over an election.

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Caucus Fraud

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