November 08, 2008


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Lizzy in CT

I completely agree with these comments. Our voices did fall on deaf ears with Obama, the DNC, RBC, and the media. But, we have had a collective wake-up call.

Think of all that has been exposed - to those who have been willing to see and hear the truth! N.O.W. has been proven obsolete. The Roe v. Wade argument has been realized as a manipulative tool. The misogyny perpetrated and unchallenged by many in the Democrat Party, the caucus fraud and convention roll-call debacle perpetrated and unchallenged by many in the Democrat Party, the selection and elevation of an unqualified candidate with a history of HIGHLY disturbing and corrupt alliances are facts that we have witnessed. This election will be the catalyst for REAL change.

My focus will include removing all of those congress members who supported this fraud, corruption, and misogyny. My focus will include holding all biased media (and their sponsors) that have been complicit in this abomination accountable. My focus will include active support for women candidates that are worthy.

2010 will be here before we know it. 2012 will be very different because we are all armed with the tools we found and utilized during this horrific primary and general election.

It starts now.


Dr. Long,

Thank you representing true feminisim in America. This is a very sad year for women and their push for equality in power. Please remember that this is the same year that terrorists killed Benisir Bhutto, and the MSM and the DNC figuratively did the same thing to both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. This is intended as a lesson that women should know their place - and do not get out of line. All of the talk is about how it is a "New Day" in America.

This is false, because Barack Obama got elected through fraudulent Acorn votes, a corrupted caucaus system, a Media that was bought with millions of dollars, and women were slandered and smeared, and if you disagreed with Obama - then you were called a "racist." This is a candidate that is perfectly willing to associate with American Terrorists, and other extremists that hate America. This is the same candidate that promised a new kind of politics - but yet his campaign defined a new era in the politics of personal destruction. He promised "change", but really only when it suits him. He changed his mind on taking public money and going back on his word does not seem to bother him... (word to wise!) Now, we have the Obama "thought Police" that attempt to silence all that would choose to disagree with him. (be mindful)

Because this is the first black president, this is called a "New Day." This is a sad day for me as an African - American Woman. I feel that Barack Obama's message of "Change" is a ripoff, particularly to those people who honestly are hurting in this economy.

Dr. Long, I do not hold out much hope that Barack Obama will do the right thing and select qualified women to his cabinet - why should he? Most women are so enamored of him, that they do not seem to care about his blatant disregard to them.

The major issue is that until women have real power in this country, we will never achieve real results. Political power, like anything else must be achieved - not given like handouts. My sincere hope is that we will see that power in our lifetime.


Since our voices fell on deaf ears this year with Obama, with the DNC, with the media, how exactly do we try to advance the roll of women in politics at this point?

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