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December 07, 2008


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Lori McMaster

This is a wonder post and true. I am very proud that we have Hillary Clinton as secretary of State. We all know what happened during the primaries but to know we have her in the front lines makes me feel a whole lot better. You are right; why are there not more women in office? I am in Washington State and am disabled but if thier is anything I can do to help, count me in.
Lori McMaster



Although I think getting a group of guerrilla women together for actions in Wash. D.C. is commendable,I believe you could get a great number of women in actions in other big cities like L.A. and New York. They could stage something at Federal buildings, newspapers, etc. They could be a quick strike force or something long term. They could suddenly appear at a press conference, etc. Maybe Think Pink? does this, don't know.

I saw a website called meetup.com. It gets like-minded people together. Youtube might give some access. Younger women might like to help. There's a site called hollaback.com, great site of young city women fighting back against gropers and feelers, etc. They are savvy and have terrific energy!

Good luck.


1. This thread is quite beautiful.
2. I agree with Marlowe and have found a disturbing number of feminists to be conveniently concerned about women's rights in various places in the world at various times, while ignoring the plight of other women in other places and situations. Sad.
3. Though off topic, glad blogforceone posted what he/she did. I went to sleep last night buzzing about the very scenario you describe: Hillary gives up her Senate seat, works at the pleasure of the President ("Mr. President" to her), is replaced in the Senate with a "yes" person in Caroline Kennedy and then Clinton is left in the vulnerable position (a positon she's in irrespective of who is appointed to replace her if she accepts the SoS job) of being able to be fired by Obama, leaving her with no official political power. Meanwhile, Obama will have advanced his cause by one in Caroline Kennedy. I hate to think in paranoid ways, but it has occured to me that this is indeed, part of a strategy. I hope like hell I'm wrong, but after what I've witnessed this year, I'm a complete cynic and believe anything's possible and put nothing past Obama and the DNC machine.


It's too bad that Ellen Goodman doesn't feel as much for the women of the USA as she does for the women of the world. She wrote an absolutely abusive column about Palin. While I believe that a Hillary visible as SoS is great, a Hillary visible as president would've been better.


Concerning Caroline Kennedy's possibly being "given" Hillary's Senate seat! A post from the NoQuarter site that I agree with:

Comment by blogforceone | 2008-12-07 18:35:47

With this development I think Hillary Clinton should withdraw her name from consideration for S.O.S. This is a clear plan to deep six Mrs. Clinton from the national stage. Obama will find some excuse to can her within the first year and replace her with some anti Israel Carterite! Can anybody say ”Zibigniew?” for S.O.S ? This is a clear and present danger to Mrs. Clinton's political future! Caroline Kennedy is a sweetheart but has no fire in her belly for the rough and tumble world of politics in todays world. She is a total lightweight! Gov.Palin may well be our next president and if Mrs Palin works hard, studies the issues and as a bonus if she studies Spanish! so she is fairly fluent by 2011 she can win the latino vote and the election! $@”&2″@!!! HILLARY, WITHDRAW YOUR NAME NOW,!!!!!!!!!!

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